in a few words

I was born in Warsaw on the 24th of September 1976. I have graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. I have also completed the Postgraduate Study of National Security at the Institute of International Relations (UW). I have been co-operating with "Law and Justice" since 2002. Despite my relatively young age I am responsible for numerous duties within the party. I am the Secretary of the Political Committee. On the first District Convention I was elected Chairman of the Płock District Board. During the 2005 presidential elections I had been a member of the election headquarters of the President Lech Kaczyński. In 2007, for the second time, I was elected an MP from the Płock-Ciechanów district. In 2011 parliamentary elections I was elected an MP for the fourth time from the same district.

For many years I have been interested in the matters of national security, which have nowadays, due to the danger of terrorism, gained a new, crucial meaning.

In the Parliament I am Chairman of the Commission on Secret Services and Vice Chairman of the Commission on Rules and Deputies Affaire's.
I used to be a vice-chairman of the Special Commission, which was in charge of viewing the bills concerning the Military Counter-Intelligence Service and the Military Intelligence Service presented by Lech Kaczyński, the President of Poland.

As a Vice-Chairman of the Polish parliamentary delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly I participated in numerous meetings to develop a common defense policy for all the NATO members that will contribute to a more stable global order.

The issue of adjusting Polish public spaces, including the websites of public institutions dedicated to the standards of disabled people, is also close to me.

In my private life I am still an enthusiastic sailor, an instructor of canoeing tourism and a forerunner of a new discipline "canoe-polo". My friends consider me
a connoisseur of Italian cuisine and wines.